stephen blaise dog


Enter the backyard of anywhere, suburban America. A young girl sunbathes on the back patio of her home, enjoying her time alone, seemingly unaffected by external stimulus. The camera slowly dollies back, revealing a large black dog on the other side of the sliding doors which lead onto the patio. The dog is barking ferociously while slamming its body and baring its teeth against the glass. The sound is unrelenting.

A meditation. A dichotomy between rational thought and

1. A quality or nature associated with animals.
2. The state of being an animal.
3. The animal nature of human beings.
4. A natural unrestrained, unreasoned response to physical stimuli.

The developing consciousness of an adolescent girl.
The luxury and comfort of western views regarding self and others.
Newness of thought, individualism and independence.
Societal, political and interpersonal relationships.
Suburban-American idealism.
Euphoria and invincibility.